Sunday, December 25, 2011

Faves of TwentyEleven: The Covers

Faves of TwentyEleven Series

Is an event I ran all last week... until internet dramas had me missing my own event, haha :) Sorry for my absence ~ here is my final post (which I had in drafts but couldn't publish until now). Also ~ won't be able to visit all you guys but I am linked up to check you all out in the new year. I am equally excited and humble at all you awesome book buds who have joined in and made this whole event so. much. more. fun. *hi five*

Day Five (the sheepishly late edition): The Covers

TEN favourite covers selected from books you read in 2011

These covers are from books that came out whenever, but that I read this year...

Burn Bright really is a stunning cover, especially in the flesh. It's got a gorgeous waxy texture. It's striking and dynamic and pretty much perfectly suits the gothic and enticing read inside.

Oh this cover really shines. It's perfectly summery and smiley (the watermelon is smiling) and the hues in the blue are pitch perfect. I love the title font and the little book slogan thingy too. (Also a fan of his 2011 release which I also read this year: Black Painted Fingernails)

I didn't know how much I would love this cover until I saw it in person. Also, the fact that I love the book really helps in furthering endearing the cover to me (I just want to hold this little gem tight to my chest). This cover is pretty much perfect to me and I would love to see more simple and meaningful gorgeous little covers like this in the YA genre. 

Oh ~ I REALLY love this cover. The girls expression (and her cute dimple), the sunny/summery vibe. Also I love what's going on with the title font <3 This cover just completely appeals to me
Note: I also gave this book 5 stars. Oh, I love it so...

This cover has nothing to ddo with the book (well, if it does, I still haven't figured it out) BUT I love it regardless. 

Sure, it looks like a movie poster ~ but it is completely visually arresting. I LOVE the stormy tones against the red flare <3

I like the simplicity in this. Also, the purple font for some reason :)

I think this stock photo is evocative. Completely appealing...

Guys, you really have to see this one in the flesh. It shines. Completely, utterly captivating. The inside is just as gorgeously designed.
Oh, Froi of the Exiles is SUCH a beautiful book. I love the colour scheme and the scope in this cover. I love the font and the illustrative touches. And Froi looks fab ;)

a few runners up:

Bizarrely, as I was perusing all the covers of the books I realised there are a lot more covers I don't like than do. So many of then make me cringe, smirk or just turn me off in general. (That is for YA covers and adult). I'd never realised that before, just how many covers I do not like... haha

I guess we all have different tastes in covers so I hope you've liked seeing a few favourites of mine from this year. Can't wait to check out all your posts. Thanks to everyone who joined in and sorry I went awol on my own event ;)

I am off to the mountains until 2012 and will  be relaxing with family and not going online for a week or so (As much as I love my online life, I also love breaks from the internet = bliss). See you all in 2012

*also, am on a mates Mac and I have NO IDEA how to format on here, haha. So ~ just chucking it up as is. Hope you've all had a brilliant Christmas ~ it's all over here for us Aussie, and mine was SO fab. Looking forward to kicking back and doing nothing for a while x


  1. It's still Christmas over here in Manila! So Merry Christmas to you and your family, Nomes. :) Thank you for hosting this TwentyEleven awards thing, I had a lot of fun coming up with my posts. I also included the Warm Bodies cover in my list. I forgot about Past Perfect! I would have included it if I remembered it.

    Link to Faves of TwentyEleven covers post

  2. My faves:

    I think we´ve got a REALLY different taste xD
    But I like the first Cover of yours...

  3. Froi DOES look fab ;) And I always tend to like more simple covers, i adore the one for smile! and I agree, there are so many books with covers I dislike, but the ones i like tend to stick with me :) Great choices and thanks for hosting this fun event! my last post (the books) will be up like... wayy late in december, methinks ;)

  4. I thought the cover of Alaska was just beautiful!
    And, well, I think you made some great picks! :D

    Thanks for doing this event.

  5. Past Perfect has such a cute cover. I didn't include it in my faves mostly because it's so unsuited for the book. But yes, it is super cute!

    Here's my list.

  6. I love ALL these covers. Especially Every Little Thing In The World and Her And Me And You. Both capture the moods of the books rather well. I think.

    Otherwise, I also really love the cover of Nova Ren Suma's Imaginary Girls. And The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer (although the book didn't really work for me).

    Have a great year end, Nomes!

  7. Love the covers! Especially the Burn Bright cover. I also would like to thank you for hosting this fabulous book awards. I've had a great time doing my own posts. I hope we could all do it again next year. :)

    Here's my list!:)

  8. All of these are gorgeous but I was really interested to see the cover of Froi of the Exiles. I'm reading the book at the moment and loving it but as I got it via NetGalley I hadn't seen the cover image - and it's so perfect! Totally captures the spirit of the story and Froi looks just right. I usually detest models on covers but in this case it really works.

  9. I'm bookmarking this series, so I can pore over them and spend all my hard-earned money on books!
    You always make the best recs!


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