Sunday, December 26, 2010

5 Hopes for YA in 2011

Another FIVE challenge courtesy of Persnickety Snark. 

At first I wasn't going to join in on today's topic. Mainly as I am a happy little YA reader ~ rarely running into annoying tropes that other people seem to be stumbling upon, mostly  full of admiration and love for the YA books that find themselves in my greedy little YA-loving hands.

But then I was thinking it over today and, yeah, I realised there are some hopes I have.

Also, I happen to enjoy making lists... :) Here's my 5:

 Me talking about the Aussie stuff again :) That more Aussie titles are available internationally. I so (completely unbiased ;) believe there's some brilliant books down under that just don't get to fly in the international market.

A selfish hope: Ahh, you know, I'm keen on some older protags in YA ~ crossing over in the new adult market.

  • This year I SO loved Good Oil which was 2 POV's, Amelia who's 15, Chris who's 22. 
  • Also, loved Elizabeth Scott's Stealing Heaven with Dani who's 18 and Greg who's 20.
  • And, of course, Kirsty Eagar's Raw Blue where Carly is 19 and Ryan is 26

I'd love some more books set in university (college) ~ like Psych Major Syndrome. Just love that older protag vibe and the scene and themes that come with it.

A hope for older readers: I hope YA continues to grow in it's older adult readership.

That any shame older folk feel in raiding the YA shelves fades as YA is continually recognised as a brilliant genre for people of all ages.

This year was the first year that Aussie YA was awarded with the Prime Minister's Literary Award ~ yay for national celebration of the outstanding YA novels written for Aussie teens.

I hope the Young Adult genre is increasingly seen as a genre of intelligent, thoughtful, fun and smashing titles that impact teens and that provide quality reads for adults as well. That those outstanding YA authors are honoured and respected and celebrated and widely read. That YA authors aren't made to feel even the tiniest smidgen of a bit lesser of an author because of the age bracket they write for.

Kind of pertaining to the YA blogosphere... and readers in general: That people would make time to discover older titles, not just chase after the shiny new ones. Also, that hidden gems wouldn't remain so overlooked in the shadow of Big Deal Hype Novels. I love to see lesser known novels shining rather than the same novel over and over again being flogged everywhere.

Lastly, a little hope for my favourite YA authors. That they would know how much I am in awe of them ~ how much their books mean to teens and adult readers a like. And that in the current economic climate, their labours would be rewarded with publishing deals and readership support that ensures they can keep on writing :) It's a tough world out there...



A side note: Mate, in general, how much do I love YA? (well, obviously, as I'm reading it :) To people who want more male POVs, strong protags, realistic love stories, compelling love triangles, and characters dealing with real teen problems ~ there's an abundance of that stuff already out there. There's so much brilliance already on the shelves if you're looking in the right places.

I hope you find the perfect YA reads for you in 2011 :)

What are your hopes for YA in 2011?


  1. Nomes, after reading your list I want to go re write my own.

    I did put on there more Aussie books available internationally. That is my biggest wish.

    I love that you mentioned older titles. I am enjoying discovering older titles like The Simple Gift :)

  2. Nomes, you speak what I think when I visit Angus & Robertson. Number Two particularly. Apparently there's this up-and-coming genre called New Adult, which is like an older YA? We'll see if it pans out. I'm really eager to read Raw Blue, it sounds great!

  3. I want to write my own list but I think there'd be a lot of overlap with yours - particularly 3 and 4. Here's hoping for a fantastic 2011 in YA books!

  4. @ Nic: Aww, you rock! I loved your list :) And, yes, The Simple Gift is such a brilliant novel!

    @ Caitlin ~ yay for more people craving the older protag thing! It's right in the pocket for me :)

    @ YA Book Lover. So glad you feel the same about 3 and 4!

    x Nomes

  5. I really really want the Aussie YA books to be available internationally. I wanted to buy Fury and couldn't find it anywhere , not even on Amazon !
    I want to see older protagonists and college settings in YA too because I can relate more to them.

  6. that it what i love about libraries, you can find much older and lesser known books that are brilliant. i discovered brigid lowry down at my local library one day in the summer holidays a few years ago. now i've been getting my friends to read her books and they love them too.

    i always try and make my parents read the books i love, which are all YA. they often enjoy them. my mum reads all the chrestomanci books and tamora pierce.


  7. I for one totally agree with making all Aussie authors international.

    I am also going to take your advice and take time to read older titles. While I do read the newer titles I have in the past not actually reviewed them. Mockingjay and Delirium being two of the more recent.

    One of the challenges I joined this year is perfect for this too, as it has me reading books that I wish I had read but haven't.

    Finally, while I would love the older YA books, I probably won't read as many as I would be unable to use them in my classroom. But I think there is a definite need for this genre.

    Great list!

  8. Nomes,

    I love your number 4! I see a lot of out with the old, in with the new stuff and it makes me sad. Everyone seems to always be in a mad dash to get ARC when so many great books with older titles need some love.

  9. Nomes, have to agree with your number one! There are so many Aussie titles that I want to read, if only they were internationally available. I'm sure I'm not the only one out there.

    As for number four, I regularly blog about oldies but goodies since I don't get ARCs anyway. :) I mostly review the books that I buy.

  10. I agree with all your 'hopes'. I wish there's more Aussie YA available internationally. And I really, really wish to read about older YA characters, set in college, perhaps. Cos a lot of important changes do happen in college, as much as they in high school, so I wish the 'New Adult' thing that the pub houses are bringing out works out.

    Hope you had a good Christmas :)

  11. These are some absolutely amazing hopes for the coming year, Nomes! I really would love to see indie authors get more recognition in 2011. I think I might do an indie author challenge :)

  12. Love your wishes for the new year! Couldn't agree more. And I love the mention of Stealing Heaven. I adore those characters!

  13. Love this post and the way you did it - everyone else will be saying I wish there were more boy stories, real problems,etc. This covers all the good stuff and especially love number 3 - so so true!! Hope you had a great christmas!!

  14. Oh! Such lovely wishes for the YA future!!

    I like them all

  15. i've briefly thought about it before but now I COMPLETLEY agree with number two (maybe because well, i'm growing up too!) i'd love to see that, and I dunno, maybe in a couple years i'll be reading 'new adult', a genre i've NEVER touched before :o i actually do stay away from 13-14 year old protags...

    anyways, love your list, totally agree with all of it! :)

  16. Great list, and another nod for Australian authors. I feel like I am missing out!

  17. There's more excellent YA out there than I can keep up with, not to mention tracking down Australian titles that aren't available in the UK! (I did get to visit Australia - Melbourne and Sydney - for the first time in 2010 but won't be back for a couple of years at least, most likely.)

    As an older YA reader, I certainly hope there would be more like I might get fewer questions about how I'm writing YA and does that mean I'll have to cut out swearwords and would that mean they'd have to go into the (gasp) CHILDREN'S section of the bookshop to find my book (if and when it's published)...


Thanks for the commenty love :)