Friday, December 10, 2010

The Best of Aussie YA (2) My Girl Friday

The Best of Aussie YA - Mini Series
some of the featured books...
in case you missed it: 1 - Tye from The Book Gryffin

Say hey to Steph from My Girl Friday. Have you checked out her happening little corner on the web yet? It has such a unique vibe and always always quality content. A Melbourne girl who has a thing for zombies and fashion and good films and books :)

1. The Aussie YA scene is so strong at the moment - with so many BRILLIANT titles that came out this year. What tops your list of favourite Aussie YA reads this year?
This is such a tough question as so many amazing Australia YA titles were published this year! I've carefully narrowed it down to a top 3: Graffiti Moon - Cath Crowley, Six Impossible Things - Fiona Wood and This is Shyness - Leanne Hall.

2. What books from previous years are on your all-time favourite Aussie YA list?
 Oh yay, I can aspread the love around so more! Saving Francesca - Melina Marchetta (my favourite MM novel), Pink - Lili Wilkinson, Beatle Meets Destiny - Gabrielle Williams. I also absolutely adore Hollywood Ending - (John Belushi is Dead in the US)which though isn't set in Australia, is written by Kathy Charles, an Australian author. I'm also kind of a huge Kathy Charles fangirl (and  was thrilled to bits to hear that the the film rights for Hollywood Ending have been sold!). 

3. Any lesser known Aussie YA books/authors you adore?
The Good Daughter - Amra Pajalic was a book I don't remember seeing much of during it's initial release, but after hearing Amra speak at the Melbourne Writers Festival, I had to track down a copy and adored it. I also loved Finding Freia Lockhart - Aimee Said, which is a lovely debut YA novel (and hopefully there are more books to come from Aimee!)

4. What upcoming titles are you hanging out for? 
Ohh, after such an excellent 2010, I'm really excited to see what the New Year brings in Aussie YA! I'm looking forward to The Bridge - Jane Higgins - (the 2010 Winner of the Text Prize)

Quick 5: Choose the book you'd recommend to someone in the mood for:
A tear jerker - Not a traditional tearjerker, but I kept crying throughout The Piper's Son - Melina Marchetta
Awesome male POV - Six Impossible Things - Fiona Wood or Slice - Steve Herrick
Quirky and hilarious - Loving Richard Feynman - Penny Tangey
A story that lingers - Fury - Shirley Marr
A book that you can't put down - Stolen - Lucy Christopher

Thanks My Girl Friday ~ you have the coolest taste!

She's also currently running TWO international give-aways 
(closes by the 11th of December so scramble over!

Give-away one                                    And Give-away Two


  1. I love this whole Aussie YA thing going on! :D Not only do I support it massively, but I've read a good number of the titles mentioned and know where the person talking about the book (the guest poster) is coming from. Also, its exposing certain awesome Aussie YA titles to a market where it might not be well known *cough* the US.

  2. Hi Nomes! There's an award for you on my blog.

  3. Yay for Aussie YA! I'm seriously finding so many new books to try and track down through this series, Nomes!

    Also, I totally agree on The Piper's Son being a tear jerker, even though I didn't think of it before! Kept crying during that one, too.

  4. thanks guys. isn't steph the greatest?

    i've been getting heaps of book recs from the responses too!


  5. Loving this series! Girl Friday has an awesome blog. I agree about The Piper's Son being a tear jerker.

    Now I am off to find out more about The Bridge by Jane Higgins :)

  6. Awww Nomes, you are too lovely!

    Thanks for all the sweet comments all (and extra thanks to Nomes for asking me to take part in this series :D)

  7. I am still waiting for Graffiti
    Moon to be released in the US. or until the Book Depository, which is currently out of stock gets them in. :(
    See what happens when I read your reviews? I have to get these great Aussie books.

  8. So many of the books are on my wishlist. Thank you so much this great post! Aussie YA is full of awesome-ness!

  9. Wow, so many great books! I have a lot of them on my list but haven't read them yet, I need to get on that! Love this series, it's fun to get to see what books everyone else loves:)

  10. Ack! You make me so jealous, Nomes. I wish all those books were available up here.
    Love the interview to bits!

  11. Six Impossible Things...have been dying to read it, but I can't find it in the U.S. Boo. Love all your picks today, or at least am lusting over them from afar!

  12. Oh. I want The Piper's Son now! Thanks for the interview.

  13. Oh so many great recommendations, my TBR list is getting huge, sadly it is more a wish list though. The Book Depository needs to hurry up and get all these books back in stock :)

  14. I'm adding more and more Aussie YA books in my wishlist because of your feature, Nomes! I love how the Aussie YA industry is growing right now. I wish writers here in the Philippines come up with great YA titles too.

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    - Daniel


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