Wednesday, December 22, 2010

5 Great Covers 2010

Here's 5 covers that walked out into the world in 2010 and crossed their little sweet legs down in front of me to be loved on :)

First of all ~ I cannot go past Jason Chan's covers. I'm a HUGE fan. My fave of his this year is a funky little paperback release of an MG title:

5. The Girl Who Could Fly by Victoria Forester.

It's fierce and beautiful and perfect and I love looking at it. Captivating. (okay, okay, I think I am more lusting after the artwork than the actual book cover ~ the title font is a bit random and adds nothing, but, I don't think anything needed to be added)

 Honourable mention to his cover for Lisa Mantchev's Perchance to dream. I know. Stunning.

4. Hold Still by Nina Lacour
Okay, so it's a 2009 debut BUT the paperback came with a new 2010 cover, so, it's totally absolutely counts, yeah? ;)

Okay, okay ~ so while I'm at it, I figured I'd add the hard cover up here as a bonus (hard cover on the right). I adore that one too and it's hard for to say which copy I love more. Both are evocative and moving. Mostly, the paperback cover just feels breath-taking to me. I love the blues, greens and white.

3. Five Flavors of Dumb by Antony John

Love love love. It's grungy and arty has a lot going on but it pulls it altogether with effortless funk. Every part of it has been fiddled to perfection. Also, I feel a little connection to the cover model who is the girl on the cover of Siobhan Vivien's Same Difference:

2. Her and Me and You by Laura Strasnick

It's atmospheric and somehow moving. It's also simple and it pulls my attention right in. Who is this girl? I want to read about her.I'm so digging this cover.

1. Every Little Thing in The World by Nina De Gramont

Something about this cover...sigh. I just LOVE it. ADORE it. I wanted to read the book as soon as I saw the cover (I rarely feel that way). It's just that vibe: with her face lifted towards the sun, and that dimpled grin of just loving the moment. It makes me want to be in this book. Also ~ the lowercase funky font. The title. This one is a perfect fit for me :)

Which cover have you loved this year?
Which one from my 5 faves are you loving?

x Nomes


  1. Wow! I totally agree with you, all of these covers look stunning! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Yay for Hold Still! My paperback arrived today so I couldn't leave it off the list (bought because of your rec). Love the cover of Everything Little Thing In The World. I really like the water splashing and the font as well :)

  3. I especially love the cover for Perchance to Dream . Same goes for Hold Still.

  4. Great choices!

    I haven't seen #1 before, but it does look like a whole lot of fun. I haven't seen that cover for The Girl Who Could Fly before. The artwork is stunning though. :)

  5. wow. I love the category today - there are so many different covers to choose from. We didn't pick any of the same ones.. but all of yours are beautiful :)

    That Bookish Girl

  6. The Jason Chan covers are lovely! Haven't read those books though. Oh I also think Five Flavors of Dumb looks really interesting, it seems like a fun kind of novel.

  7. I just love all these covers...especially Her and Me and You! That one is just beautifully simple :)

  8. Love your pick, especially because I haven't seen some of them before. The Girl Who Could Fly is my fav though

  9. I had Hold Still and Five Flavours of Dumb on my long list :)

  10. Really loved the Perchance to Dream cover (and the book, too!). A very unique story, and a must read for fans of the stage!

    Beautiful list.

  11. Wow, the Jason Chan covers are awesome! Love the comic/anime feel.

  12. Oooh, Her and Me and You! Forgot about that one! These were great picks!

  13. I'd hadn't seen the Her Me and You cover yet; so great!

  14. I"m stalking you!!!

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the cover of Hold Still. The colors are just tooo beautiful.

    I really love the cover of Linger, though I haven't read it yet.

  15. Great choices, Love the Perchance to Dream Cover. Here is my 5

  16. Such gorgeous covers!The one for the Girl who Could Fly is just lovely!

  17. I was reading the other day that now you can judge a book by its cover and these are proof! Gorgeous!

    Happy Christmas Nomes!

  18. These are all lovely. I have to confess, I first wanted to read Her and Me and You because of the cover. How could a book with a cover *that* amazing not be brilliant?!

  19. Hi Nomes. There is a Christmas blog award on my blog in the next few hours! Come and collect!

  20. Oh, I love the one for Five Flavors of Dumb, it's so rock and roll :D


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