Saturday, December 11, 2010

Favourite YA Couple of the Year

It is the Second Year of the Couples Christmas Countdown!

Hosted by Alexa @ Not Enough Bookshelves.

So - who's my top couple I found this year?

My favourite Aussie YA couple of the year are: Chris and Amelia from Laura Buzo's Good Oil

Good Oil is funny and true and sophisticated and charming and brilliantly Australian. And it has two of some of my most favourite characters in it: Chris and Amelia. There's just something about them as individuals and their relationship that makes them seem so real. 

I love Chris just as much as I love Tom MacKee from Melina Marchetta's The Piper's Son (and Saving Francesca). Amelia crushes on him hard, and they have such a great dynamic together. The scenes they are in just shine. 

Most of all - their story is flirty and fun and true but also extremely ache-y and crushingly bittersweet. AND I WANT A SEQUEL. because I want to revist them as they get older - so not ready to let them go...

I love the cover - and love Amelia on it. Here's my casting call for Chris - Aussie actor/dancer Adam Garcia (who stars alongside Sam Worthington in one of my fave Aussie movies, Bootmen)
Adam Garcia as Chris

Bonus: One of my all-time fave teen couples (and they feel so teen...)  is Lydia and Seb 

 - from Jaclyn Moriarty's books (Finding Cassie Crazy/The Year of secret Assignments and Dreaming of Amelia/Ghosts of Ashbury High)

I adore them individuality, regardless of their couple status. Seb is hot (and you realise this even before getting a twinkling of what he looks like) - he's just got a brilliant charisma and he's arty and oh-so-Aussie-teen-boy. He's pretty sexy :) Lydia is perfect: sassy and fun and clever and a thinker and quirky and truly just wonderful. 

Here's a little casting call (two more Aussie actors)
Don't you love the look on Cariba's face below - SO classic Lyd! Love it! She's tough, sassy and cool.

Lincoln Lewis as Seb
Cariba Heine as Lydia

Argh, Lyd's pic keeps disappearing. Here's the link if you're interested. Pic of the girl in plaits on the top left :)


  1. Brilliant post! I have to read Good Oil!

    I love your bonus couple Lydia and Seb are fantastic. Lincoln Lewis would be great casting but somehow I always imagine Lydia as having dark hair - don't know why :)

    Thanks for the link and the excellent post :)

  2. I have to read Good Oil! I loved Bootmen too.

  3. I don't know these characters but thanks for the Saturday morning eye candy :)

  4. I've never even heard of Good Oil...I'm assuming it's because I'm not Aussie? I want to meet these characters now though! Great post, Nomes :)

  5. your blog is awesome I found you on someone's profile and glad I did followed you

  6. I love the new blog layout and the cover of Good Oil. :)

  7. i am basically depressed that I've never heard of this book before! and if he rivals Tom Mackee... i guess it's a must read. im putting this on my wishlist asap! awesome post :)

  8. Yay for Chris and Amelia from Good Oil! Adam Garcia would make a great Chris. I want so badly for a sequel even if it is a short story would satisfy me.

    I haven't read Finding Cassie Crazy but I have it. Now I am even more excited :)

  9. Yes, I love those books! Sequel please for good oil! Their so cute together!

  10. Hadn't heard of that title! But I'm going to look it up!!

  11. Based on your rec. I just read The Year of Secret Assignments (and loved it - it was so charming) and now it looks like I must check out The Ghosts of Ashbury High. I absolutely agree about Seb and Lydia. I loved them together!

  12. i love lydia! finding cassie crazy is my favourite jaclyn moriarty book and she is my favourite character.
    did you ever read our interview with jaclyn moriarty? you should check it out.

  13. so can i take part in this awesome comp/post idea just by posting my fave aussie couple of the year?
    i'm confused.
    where are you getting all these awesome things to post about? are they all posted by different people?

  14. I haven't read Good Oil but I do so enjoy your casting choice for Chris! And I'm definitely going to check out the Jaclyn Moriarty books, I love a sassy and clever female protagonist:)

  15. glad you guys loved the casting choices ;) i'll have to do it more often, a nice way to spend some time cruising around the internet.

    also - yay for some jaclyn moriarty love. she's one of my absolute favourite authors :)


  16. AAAAHHH! Lydia made me laugh so hard in The Ghosts. She's like my twin sister! And Toby. I hope he gets his own book) But i really was dissatisfied with the ending in Good Oil. It feels... unfinished. But maybe that's the whole point.
    Destiny and Beatle were a hillarious duet.


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