Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Best of Aussie YA (4) Irresistible Reads

The Best of Aussie YA - Mini Series
some of the featured books...

in case you missed it:

Today I get to introduce to you the lovely lovely Nic from Irresistible Reads. She's a Brissie girl who has a new-ish blog that's already making an impression - she's fun and generous and gorgeous - another grown-up lover of YA books (yay for adults in the YA scene!). She also is the founder of the brand new Aussie YA Book Challenge - yay! (more about that on here later - you can check it out through the link for now though :)

1. The Aussie YA scene is so strong at the moment - with so many BRILLIANT titles that came out this year. What tops your list of favourite Aussie YA reads this year?
So hard but Raw Blue by Kirsty Eagar is at the top of my list.  To me this story feels so uniquely Australian.  It feels like home to me.

2. What books from previous years are on your all-time favourite Aussie YA list?
 On The Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta because of its incredible plot.  Saving Francesa also by Marchetta because of the unforgettable bunch of characters that I feel in love with.

3. Any lesser known Aussie YA books/authors you adore?

Everything Beautiful by Simmone Howell and Raincheck on Timbuktu.  Both realistic and funny coming of age stories.

4. What upcoming titles are you hanging out for?

Nic:  I know Kirsty Eagar is working on a new book a gothic supernatural theme and I can't wait.  Also Fiona Wood is working on another contemporary fiction.

Quick 5: Choose the book you'd recommend to someone in the mood for:
A tear jerker - The Piper's Son
Awesome male POV - The Piper's Son
Quirky and hilarious - Six Impossible Things
A story that lingers - On the Jellicoe Road
A book that you can't put down - Beatle Meets Destiny

And I would like to add an honourable mention to Good Oil and Graffiti Moon both have a lot of heart and humour.

Thanks Nic! (who pretty much went ahead and listed half of my favourite Aussie reads this year...my fave Aussie reads this year is coming up soon...)

And thank you guys for all your brilliant and generous comments in this series. I am thrilled that you're all digging the Aussie YA stuff (sorry to be drowning you in it lately... :)

x Nomes


  1. Haha, but I'm ENJOYING drowning in the Aussie YA goodness.

    Yay, Nic! I love her blog -- she writes awesome reviews, and all of her fave books here are ones I love tons :D

  2. Really enjoying this series. I'm not Australian, but I LOVE Aussie YA. I've always been a bit infatuated with Austrlia, to be honest :) Can't wait for some of these books to be available in Canada!

  3. Ahh thanks for having me Nomes and the too kind words :)

  4. @ Vee - thanks. I liked reading all the answers when they came into my inbox as well :)

    @ Bri: you're so awesome. Yay for having a thing for Australia ;)

    @ Nic: any time! Love all you choice. They are my faves too.


  5. I am loving this feature. Some of the books are really hard to find. But I do want to read all of the recommendations! Thanks !

  6. I'm going to have to visit The Book Depository online to snag a few australian reads! The covers are gorgeous and I need to get my hands on them!

    Unedited & Jules and the Stars

  7. Great choices Nic! I agree the characters in Saving Francesca are unforgettable, some of my favourites ever! I loved getting to see them again in The Piper's Son. I really hope she does write a book about another character so we get to go back to that world.

  8. Keep drowning us in Aussie reads! We love it!

  9. I really want to read Good Oil, but I don't know where to get it :(

  10. I really want to read Raw Blue. Last I checked they didnt' have it at amazon or B&N or even TBD. I'll have to check again! I'm loving this series!!

  11. this is great and guess what? i put Fire aside to read Jellicoe road. I'm only a couple pages in, but already I can feel it sucking me in and I was in serious need of some major suckness (okay, that just sounds wrong, but you get me, right?). On that list, I'm dying to read The Piper's Son and Beatle Meets Destiny. One day I'll actually get to all these great books.

  12. ahh, thanks guys.

    also - i really with you could get Good Oil and Raw Blue :(

    @ Mel: I found Fire a real effort for the first 100 pages... but in the end i liked it.

    and yay for reading jellicoe Road! I hope you are one of those people who fall in love with it! xx

  13. Hey Nomes!I totally love this idea, and will be participating soon! I love that you're trying to highlight Aussie titles in the International market, where they're lesser known.

    In reply to your comment: Really?!?1 Unearthly is out already? I thought it came out the the first of Jan! I must go and buy one. Hopefully it wasn't a mistake of BigW for putting it out early...but anyhow, thanks for your comment.


  14. Happy to be drowning in Aussie YA ... keep it coming!! Off to check out Nic's blog.


Thanks for the commenty love :)