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My Ridiculous Romantic Obsessions by Becca Wilhite

Sarah Howard's first year at the university is everything and nothing she expected especially when a very cute boy named Ben in her Art History class starts to show interest in her.

Sarah feels like she's an average, normal, everyday girl. So, when Ben (to whom she secretly refers as Adonis because she thinks he could be a Greek god) begins to take interest in her, Sarah is in denial. For one thing, last year she was deeply crushed and humiliated by Jesse James a guy who she thought liked her.

She's determined not to get burned again. But in her heart of hearts, what she really wants is a Jane Austen kind of romance. Ridiculous, right? That kind of romance doesn t exist anymore . . . or does it? Sarah is smart and fun to be around and even pretty, despite her Medusa-like red curls. She even plays the guitar. (So does Ben!) Yes, Sarah is everything Ben has wanted. He's crazy for her, but Sarah is just not getting it. She's playing hard to get, and if she s not careful, she s going to lose a real hot gentleman -- her 21st-century Mr. Darcy
. (from goodreads)

So ~ this book just sounded completely awesome: older YA protag (check) cute guitar-playing love interest (check) book setting = uni/college (check) romantic comedy vibe (check).

It seemed like a perfect rainy day snuggly read so I was looking forward to escaping the world with something light and swoony.

My verdict?

My Ridiculous Romantic Obsessions is a charming, breezy read for people who love their romances light (occasionally cheesy ~ but not overly-cute-cheesy, more swoon-cheesy ~ you know, if that clarifies it ;), flirty and clean. 

Sarah has a thing for romance novels and is the kind of girl who daydreams about love and romance. The main plot line is about Sarah wanting to be "the heroine" in her own romance story. She dated a jerk in the past which has left her feeling insecure and like she is always destined to be the leading girls side-kick friend without her own man. Enter Ben ~ "hot as a Greek god" but completely lovable and flawed ~ who readers will easily see is captivated by Sarah. Sarah is oblivious yet hopeful and makes some stupid assumptions along the way. 

At 180 pages it's a light and fast read. The pages just fly by. There's not too many surprises in the plot ~ it's one of those books where you know the outcome but read it to enjoy the ride. And it is enjoyable ~ there's little bursts of humour and cute embarrassing scenes and also plenty of little swoon-y 'awww' moments. 

I was drawn to this title looking for a chick-lit, fluffy read ~ but I was pretty keen due to the fact it is set in college with older YA protags who have finished school. However, it felt very innocent and still similar to high school aged reads. (I think I am still so enamoured with Psych Major Syndrome that I could have possibly be holding my expectations too high...)

I was a teensy bit disappointed, hoping it would fit more into the older YA bracket. I don't mind the occasional sweet-romancey book ~ but this one really does match the title: it has a fun 'ridiculous' quirky vibe, and it really does centre around the romance side of things. At times, it was a bit too cute for me (but if fun, flirty romance is your thing you will ADORE this book). As a love interest Ben was a regular nice grinning guy ~ a gentlemen and a little bit charming but not particularly memorable as a leading male for me (and he's another YA guy who plays the guitar :D). He was brilliant while reading the book, but hasn't entered my YA guy hall of fame (what? you guys don't have your own stash of fictional guys who you adore stored away somewhere? :D)

I enjoyed the funny little narrations comparing her life to romance novels and discussing meet cutes and "what would happen right now if I was starring in my own rom-com scenarios." 

I would have *adored* this book as a teen ~ and think it's a perfect fit for girls who like cute, charming romances. It also has a fab (but not preachy) little message with confidence and being yourself.

Recommended:  I was pretty impressed with the "voice" and effortless style that Becca Wilhite writes ~ a little bit funky, a little bit sweet and with lots of heart. It was a smiley and enjoyable read and while it wasn't as upper YA as I had hoped ~ it fits in snuggly alongside my other comfort read type books.

I'll also oh-so-happily pick up any books by Becca Wilhite in the future.
*I also think the cover matches the vibe/tone of the book. Swirly and smiley and daydreamy and a little bit fun.

My Ridiculous Romantic Obsessions @ goodreads


  1. Ohh im wanting to read this one!
    Love your review

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  3. Agreed, wonderful review although I can't really imagine this one being for me. :)

  4. Very helpful review. I can appreciate light and fluffy romances, but have to be in the mood for them. That said, I think I've got a pretty good handle on this book from your review and probably skip it for Psych Major Syndrome! Definitely looking forward to that one.

    Thanks Nomes.

  5. I wantz to read this *goes add to Goodreads list*

    :) I do like my romance fluffy and sweet, so this sounds like just my kind of thing :)

  6. Great review! This one does sound light and fluffy, maybe a little too light and fluffy for me - I like a little edge to my light reading! :)

  7. Love your review! I've been wanting to read this one for ages and flirty and fluffy is right up my street so yay! :)

  8. Just want to say I fell in love with this book! I was having a super horrible day and I picked MYRO up and I just couldn't put it down. It's a book I want to re-read in the future and see if I still feel the same way about it. Great review and thanks for emphasizing who may like this book tons...that was me!

  9. This does sound good despite it being slightly younger than expected. I wish I knew where all the good college age books were hiding too. Great review Nomes :)

  10. Despite the whole college aspect of this one it sounds like a fun read for the younger YA crowd. I like that you felt it had a message about self confidence even though it was more fluff than substance.

  11. Lovely review! Sounds like a quick, light read, though I fear the sensitive, guitar playing hunk might be starting to wear thin in YA literature. Why can't he play something else? The drums, maybe? (I know, not exactly swoon worthy)

  12. Nice review, sometimes a light, flirty, fun, gulp it down novel is exactly what I'm in the mood for. I'll add it to the list, but behind Psych Major Syndrome :)

  13. Awesome review! I like a light read every now and then, but this book, like you said, sounds a bit "too cute". I might still read it some day for guitar playing cute guy :D

  14. Quirky review, Nomes :)

    I've been debating whether to get this or not for a while. Book won.


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