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The Queen's Lady by Eve Edwards

1584 – Surrey, England When Lady Jane Rievaulx begins service to the Queen at Richmond Palace, she is thrilled at the court’s newest arrival . . . Master James Lacey. Despite her previous courtship with his older brother, James is the man she truly loves. And for his part, he cannot deny his fascination with her. However, James is setting sail on a treacherous journey to the Americas, seeking absolution for what he sees as past sins. But when Lady Jane is forced into a terrible situation by her own family, there is only one man to save her. Will Master James return to his lady ­- before it’s too late?

Oooh ~ here we have a historical YA set in the Tudor period ~ which is a fantastically vibrant era rife with conflict and dramas to throw a few teenage characters into. 

This is the 2nd book in a new YA trilogy.

The Queen's Lady's an intricate story ~ multi-POV and plot threads that criss-cross through different characters lives.  I initially found it hard to keep track of all the characters and their histories and shenanigans ~ it is the second book in a series and I imagine if you had read the first you'd be able to dive right in with that kind of eager familiarity of knowing (& loving) the characters. Despite my initial brain strain ~ I really admire how it is an intelligent novel ~ never condescending to it's readers ~ throwing you alongside the drama and emotions of the period without wasting passages on being tell-y (which would take you out of the story).

Edwards just IMMERSES you in the world. It's actually pretty spectacular, the way she creates such a sensory experience of Tudor England. I think that is what IMPRESSED me the most ~ those beautiful little passages of description so finely wove into the plot that make you feel as if you are in the era right there alongside the characters

It really is one of those books that have it all: intrigue, romance (much of it forbidden/angsty & also a little risque), action, danger, political drama, war, court (& royalty) and it shows a range of class and lifestyles of the time. 

Amongst this ambitious plot ~ is a sturdy little group of characters. I did enjoy Lady Jane and James but my favourite couple in the book were Diego and Milly ~ I looked forward to their scenes and enjoyed them oh-so-much. Some of the banter between the characters is deliciously grin-worthy. The angst was just perfect ~ it was easy to get caught up in the complications of the relationships ~ speaking of complicated relationships...

I LOVED reading the book from the different view points of the central cast of characters as it added so much more insight and depth to the events. I really think Edwards used the multi-POV thing to her best advantage ~ it layered the plot and added tension between the characters.

Historical YA is not my preferred genre but I had a pretty good time reading this ~  I'd maybe start with the first one ~ not that I did ;) (although I did get the hang of the second ~ after reading  few reviews of the first to clue me in...) 

Recommended: Is historical YA your thing? Are you into the Tudor era? A you a fan of action, betrayal, political intrigue and forbidden (angsty) and swoon-worthy romance? Hey ~ this book is for you.

(okay ~ my recommendation was cheesy, LOL, but TRUE :D)

The Queens Lady is currently available.

Oh! and the cover. I am not a pretty dress cover kind of person ~ but this one is truly stunning in the flesh. It has these bronze shimmery bits which are absolutely mesmerising.

The Queen's Lady @ goodreads
Author's site for heaps more info

thanks to penguin australia for sending me this review copy :)

Oh oh! and completely unrelated BUT thank you for your awesome comments on my blogoversary post! You guys are amazing and some of your comments had me in stitches, haha.

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  1. i LOVE the tudor period, I'm a mega henry viii nerd and love stories about his predecessors and sucessors. I'm so keen to read this but suddenly I feel swamped with review books and can't choose which one to read first! Not the worst dilemma I've ever had :-)

  2. I am absolutely obsessed with the Tudors! I had no idea there was a YA historical novel set in the Tudor period. I will be adding this to my TBR!

  3. Sounds like a YA Philippa Gregory (who I adore and highly recommend by the way) thanks for the awesome review, this is definitely a must read for me!

  4. I kind of love the cover and would maybe read the series just for that. :)

  5. The cover is quite lovely, I agree.
    But somehow, I can never bring myself to read much Historical Fiction, which is weird because I so love historical romance, :P
    dunno what it is.

    Still, it does sound like an intricate story.

  6. Nomes! I don't know why but "Despite my initial brain strain" made me snort out loud. Maybe because I often experience brain strain.

    I don't read much YA historical novels, but there doesn't seem to be many that explore the Tudor era. Of course I'm probably wrong about that. Still, this one does intrigue me.

  7. I was sent this one for review, but I haven't read the first book. I might just have to pick it up. I'm a big fan of historical fiction, and I love the Tudor era!

  8. Glad you liked this one (even without having read book #1!)
    I love Edward's multi-character POV and her time-period focus. It makes for a refreshing YA.

  9. I just finished reading the first book and have been thinking its about time I started on the second. :) They really are nice, sweet, historical romance stories with strong characters and excellent settings.

    thanks for the review

  10. I don't read the genre much either, but if the book clicks with me then I'm always willing to give it a go, and I do think that it sounds pretty good! :)

  11. Cool! I can honestly say I've never even heard of historical YA... I think I might actually like it! This book sounds great.

  12. "sensory experience of Tudor England" Does that mean Henry Cavill ;)

    Love the review Nomes :)

  13. Excellent review, totally adoring the cover, I'd buy it for the cover (sick I know) but I do love historical fiction and YA. Together ... usually not so much but I'm willing to give it a go :)


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