Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Unearthly covers

So the brilliant Leanna @ Daisy Chain Book Reviews has done a cover reveal for the UK edition of Unearthly (<3 your blog Leanna!)

Mate, I LOVED Unearthly. And I don't even really read in the paranormal YA genre. If you're interested here's my gush rave  review :D

Unearthly has been blessed with some gorgeous covers 

Here's the US v Aussie v UK

Aussie edition
US edition
UK edition
They are all atmospheric and attention grabbing. I think the UK one is a blend of the Aussie and US. I'd be proud to have any on my shelves.

Which one is your fave?
Have you read Unearthly yet?

Portuguese edition
wait? you thought I was finished? 
I can't not post this Portuguese cover. 
which, ah, well, words fail. 

Eep! Looks like some kind of other-wordly shampoo commercial.
a luminous experience, eh?


  1. hehe! I love your cover excitement! I loved this book so much too!!

    I think the Aussie cover is still my fave. I think that one is beautiful! I was talking to a girl from the UK publishers about another book when the subject of Unearthly arose. I didn't even know it had a new cover, so she sent it to me, and then I showed her the US and Aus covers, which she hadn't seen. Cover reveals all round! :)

  2. Portuguese cover = Creep City
    I do love how pretty the Aussie one is and I love the US one in person. The UK seems to fit the title so well though. It looks Unearthly ;)

  3. Arghh so much pretty! I think I'm gonna go with the Aussie cover, although they are all so prety. ANd hahaha that Portuguese cover is... something else xD

  4. there's just something about a cover that has darker muted shades of gray, black and white(ish) with a bright color that pops against it that always catches my eye. So, i love the aussie one best. i also really love the UK one. Something incredibly beautiful and mystical about it. The US one isn't doing it for me.

  5. Is that girl nekkid in the Portuguese cover?! I like the Aussie cover the best because the colors on that cover match the book much more!

  6. Gorgeousss. I think I like the model/background of the Aussie version best, but I love the purple tones of the US cover. They're all so beautiful :)

    I've been so surprised at the positive reception to Unearthly-- I'd pegged it as just another paranormal YA, but even friends who don't usually read the genre really enjoyed it. Can't wait to give it a try myself!

  7. I loved this book soooooo much. One of the best Angel-themed novels I have ever come across.
    I still like the Aussie cover best of all - that red is just so punchy. But her orange hair is a little 'eek' (though that is a focus in the book, lol)
    That US washed-out purple one just looks cheap and nasty.

  8. Love this covers (expect for kind of looks like an erotic fiction cover!)

    Aussie is still my favourite probably because she looks like Clara :)

  9. I adored Unearthly, one of my favourite reads this year! I love the UK cover, it's absolutely stunning and there are just no words for the Portugese cover ... ummm wait ... tacky!

  10. I think Aussie cover is the best.
    The Portuguese one looks a bit like a soft porn movie poster :P

  11. I LOVE the Aussie cover. It's gorgeous!
    The Portuguese cover is horrifying! It doesn't look like a YA read - more like erotica :D

  12. Aussie cover for sure. I love that red dress. :) The US cover is pretty in person, though!

    I haven't read this yet, but I will read this soon because everyone I know seemed to give it good reviews. :)

  13. My favorite is, without a doubt, the Aussie cover. It has such a beautiful contrast of colors.

  14. mmm.. i'm liking the UK cover best. The Aussie cover is okay but i don't like the orange hair. And well the portuguese version looks ahh something you would see on a mills and boon book cover.. weird.
    I'm finding Unearthly quite hard to get into, i'm still waiting for the romance with Tucker but its taking its time, i'm already half way through.
    oh well i will continue reading!

  15. Aussie cover hands down! :)

    Thank you so much for your kind words *hugs*

  16. I absolutely adore the US cover but they are all gorgeous.

    Um, why is the girl nude on the Portuguese one? :O

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  18. I love all the covers, but I think the Aussie one is still my favourite. Though I kind of like the creepy, sticking up hair in the UK one :P. The Portuguese one...ah. Sort of looks like a poster you'd find on a teenage boy's bedroom wall...

  19. I love that blended UK cover. It has a pure look to it.

    And I'd totally buy that shampoo the Portuguese cover is trying to sell. ;)

  20. Just finished this and loved it. I like the UK cover lest I think it represent Clara mush better than either the US or Aussie one.

  21. The Aussie cover is my favourite. I've seen this book floating around the blogosphere for a few months but with the US cover it hasn't really appealed to me at all. The UK cover is cool, a bit eerie, but would make a bigger impression if I hadn't seen the Aussie one first. It's bee-yoo-tiful!

  22. I died with lulz when I saw the Portugese cover and your comment... BAHAHAHA. Funniest thing I have seen all day. ^-^

    I'm not sure about the UK edition, but I love both the Aussie and US ones. I want to buy this for my collection, but I'm still at a loss between US or AU!

  23. I really like the Aussie and the UK one, though the image of the girl in a fancy dress walking through the woods reminds me too much of Fallen. I still want to read it though!!

  24. The portuguese cover is... Special lol.
    My favorite of the three is the US one. I'm not sure why. Although the aussie one is really pretty as well. Clara looks a little lost with her big dress, as if she didn't quite know what to do with it. It'w cute :)


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