Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hard Cover v Paperback #3

a kind of semi-regular (whenever I feel like it) feature ~ all links go to goodreads ~ a couple this time are the US hard cover V the up-coming UK new release paperback. none of these paperbacks are available yet but all are available for pre-order... (oooh ~ except the Robin Benway one which was recently released in PB)

hard cover     V    paperback

The Extraordinary Secrets of April, May, & June by Robin Benway

Hard cover: I really thought it was striking when I first saw it ~ the three sisters and the colour gradients. I thought it stood out and it definitely had my attention. Okay, it's a little weird, but it works for me :)

Paperback: This one is not as visually arresting (as in, stand out in book shop factor) for me. However ~ I love it. it is fresh and lively and a little bit funky. I love the title all wonky and a little bit quirky.

My verdict? I would be happy with either but given the choice, I'm digging the vibe of the paperback...

hard cover (US)   V    paperback (UK)

Hard Cover: I like it. It's giving off a slightly hypnotic vibe with the heart tilted and the light and shadows make it look all shiny and metallic-y. I also think the writing inside the heart is a cool idea.

Paperback (from UK publisher): Ahh, such a similar design concept but it doesn't appeal to me as much :( It looks like lower YA and lacks a bit of class that the hard cover has. Although it is still a fun design...

My verdict? HARD COVER (which is from the US)

Hard cover       V      paperback

Hard Cover: It's cute, hey? I've always liked it. For some reason it grabs my attention and holds it. I like how the coil of ribbon changers from pink through to purple through to blue. I like how it looks like a funky romantic contemp. I like the lower case title and the simplicity of it. Nicely done.

Paperback: wow. It's really different. And I am really liking it. Occasionally I like people on my covers and I am into the models on this one. First, it appeals to me b/c it feels upper YA (which, as an older reader, is my preference with contemp). As for the pose: it looks fun and breezy and relaxing and romantic. Apart from the picture ~ I really like those butterflies (even though they could be considered tacky. Whatever ~ it works for me)

My verdict? I'm happy with either. Really. But I'm pretty keen to read that paperback one...

hard cover US    V    paperback UK

(the US paperback is due out soon but I am unsure if they are using the same design as the hard cover. Here's the UK paperback about to be released)

Hard Cover: I've always had mixed feelings about this cover. It's pretty, sure, but those lips? The overall feel is pretty and a little mysterious and maybe melancholy? I do like the breath which swirls out over the title and the little decorate-y touches. It's probably one of those covers that look more stunning in the flesh?

UK paperback: such a similar colour scheme but it's not melancholic at all. It feels vibrant, fresh, flirty and fun, which, from reviews I've read, seems to match the tone of the book. I like the little bubbles and despite it being a close-up of a face, it works for me. I think it will look fantastic on the shelves.

My verdict? Ahh, torn. But ultimately, I like vibrant over pretty so I'll go with the UK paperback

What about you?
Which covers here would you prefer to own?

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  1. ooo I think I would go paperback for April May and June cos it's fun and playful.

    Hardback for Mad Love, it looks like how love can feel sometimes, like you're spiralling out of control.

    And I think hardback for Tangled, it's playful :)

    I don't actually like either of the Forgive My Fins covers :S

  2. I love this feature.

    April May and June I think I like the hardcover more slightly just because of the colours.

    Mad Love I am going to say paperpack. It just grabs my attention more than the hardback even though I would be happy with either.

    Tangled the paperback. I just like the overall feel.

    Forgive My Fins paperack. More of a fun feel :)

  3. i do love these cover posts you do.
    i really like the paperback of april, may and June. it seems age appropriate, and makes you want to laugh with the girls.
    the hardcover of mad love is gorgeous. the colours are pretty, and it reminds me of the pictures we draw on each other and in our books when in class. well, not me, but this girl who's a great drawer and writer.

  4. April, May, & June: I don't like the PB because the girl looks like she has jaundice, lol.

    Mad Love: Hardcover!

    Tangled: Toughie! I like how different the Hardcover is and it seems to match the title...idk!

    Forgive My Fins: I like both covers, but it looks a bit weird since in the hardcover she's blowing stuff out of her mouth, lol. I read the book and I can't remember that being in the book.

  5. yay! i love when you do these posts. i vote for the hardcover on all of these. :D

  6. Hardcover apart from Forgive my fins. Great feature missy! :)

  7. I love this feature!
    The Extraordinary Secrets of April, May, & June - Paperback! It's so much fun :)

    Mad Love by Suzanne Selfors - Hardcover. Grabs the attention so much more!

    Tangled - Paperback. It's so cute!

    Forgive my Fins - Hardcover.

  8. I love this feature!
    The Extraordinary Secrets of April, May, & June - Paperback! It's so much fun :)

    Mad Love by Suzanne Selfors - Hardcover. Grabs the attention so much more!

    Tangled - Paperback. It's so cute!

    Forgive my Fins - Hardcover.

  9. I love cover comparisons!

    I think the UK cover of Forgive my Fins is a great cover. It makes me want to read the book and I really had no interest when I first saw the US cover.

    Oh, yeah. Shallow! lol!

  10. Ohh wow the Tangled covers are so beautiful, I would buy them both:D

  11. The Extraordinary Secrets of April, May, & June: I like the hardback...but when I saw the paperback just right now I love love love it. It's so simple that it's just so pretty!

    Tangled by Carolyn Mackler: I've always liked the hardcover, too. The paperback is alright...I don't think it's better than the hardcover but it's almost as good as the paperback. Looove the butterflies though :)

  12. I think I'm all for the hard covers in this one :)
    The Mad Love PB is cute too, but I like the more muted colors of the hb

  13. Paperback on all counts. Paperback covers are always lighter and sweeter it seems :) Fun post!

  14. Great feature, Nomes! It's always interesting to see the different covers for books side by side like what you did. I like the paperbacks for April, May and June and Tangled. I'm actually curious about both but hesitant to purchase the hardcovers because I haven't heard much about them. I might pick up the paperbacks if they become available here :)

  15. I'm all about the hard covers this week, I love them all but especailly the Tangled one! I keep seeing that book, I really must pick it up.

  16. This time I am going with all three of the hardcovers especially Mad Love. I love the that it has writing with in the heart like a concrete poem and while the paper back does too it is mostly the title.

  17. Hardcover on the first one, paperbacks on all the rest. Love this feature you do!! So cool to look at the artwork and compare. :)

  18. I'm really interested to read Tangled and i'm adding the rest to my reading list. I love pretty book covers but tend to like them without models on the front because it already builds an image in my head of the characters which i would rather be built by the author if that makes sense.
    I do like this feature though!

  19. I've always loved the hardback cover for April, May and June - but having recently read the book, I think the paperback suits it better. It's really lighthearted and playful and the paperback cover communicates that, whereas the hardback has a dreamier 'Virgin Suicides' vibe, I think.

    Oh, and those blue lips on Forgive My Fins do freak me out a little. I much prefer the UK cover. :D


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