Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Night Beach by Kirsty Eagar ...

has an Aussie release date (!) ~ August 29 2011


and a cover :D  as seen on Penguin's online catalogue. I love how the cover matches Raw Blue and Saltwater vampires. It's kind of a cross between both and a little ethereal looking, atmospheric and soulful.

I did a behind the scenes post about the cover of Saltwater Vampires which includes early cover concept designs.

Anyway, back to Night Beach... :)

Here's a little teaser about Night Beach as shared by Kirsty in her interview on Bibliophile Brouhaha:

I like telling people it's my sea-gothic novel, but mostly they just look blank in response. It's about art, the ocean, and the supernatural.  

Doesn't it sound intriguingly different?

Night Beach is one of my most most anticipated releases so it having a release date (and not too far away) has me seriously grinning away.

In the meantime ~ you really should read Raw Blue* asap if you already haven't  and also check out her sophomore book Saltwater Vampires 

Kirsty Eagar's website

* such an absolute absolute fave of mine. sigh... And winner of the 2010 Victorian Premier's literary Award. Both her books are available in Australia, and can be posted internationally from various online book shops (such as and Raw Blue is available internationally as an e-book. 


  1. It's a gorgeous and haunting cover, I really love it.

    Thanks for the info on where Raw Blue is available, I'm off to check out the Kindle store and fishpond now - fingers crossed.

  2. YayYayYayYay!!!!! SO FLIPPING EXCITED!!! I didn't know the cover had released - thanks, Nomes!!!

  3. What a haunting cover! I really want to read Kirsty Eagar's books. I had no idea that Raw Blue was available internationally as an Ebook.

  4. Just added it to my TBR list! :) Love WoW because I find such great books to add! And "sea-gothic novel" sounds so good!

  5. Night Beach sounds really great!!
    I'm going to try to get my hands on Raw Blue - I'm kind of vamp-prejudiced, so...

    Anyway :D

    Thanks for sharing :D

  6. Oooh I didn't know there's going to be a new book by Kirsty Eagar this year. I hope I'll be able to find a way to get it.

  7. I really want to read raw blue but i cant find any copies in the book stores i live! which happens quite often. Im curious about her other books 'Saltwater vampires'. looks interesting...

  8. i keep saying to myself: 'must read raw blue, nomes loves it' and i forget every time :(


  9. HOLY CROW! Thanks so much for sharing this news! So freaking exciting. I agree about the ethereal looking cover! I will definitely be ordering a copy. Can't wait.

  10. You know how much I loved Raw Blue, and I'd like to get Saltwater vamps and now this new one. What is fishpond? I typed in the address and all i got was some Mac OS x thingymabob???

  11. I love the sound of the new book and Kirsty Eagar's other books too!

    Do you know where Raw Blue is available as an e-book? I don't have a kindle, but a Sony e-reader. Wondering if it's available for that?

    Nic told me of an online site where I could get all these great Aussie YA books, but the shipping to Ireland is insane. :(

  12. I've been trying for ages to pick up Raw Blue but not one of my bookstores has it instock, (Borders, A & R, QBD) it has to be specially ordered ... go figure, what is it with the not supporting our Aussie authors??

    Not available from Amazon on Kindle either :(

    Gorgeous cover on Night Beach, hope this one is available EVERYWHERE lol


Thanks for the commenty love :)